It measures about 8 millimeters in diameter and can place behind the ear. It has three wires that connect to the top of the head.

How the Elon Musk chip implanted in the brain works?
How the Elon Musk chip implanted in the brain works?

The biotechnology company Neuralink, owned by the eccentric billionaire Elon Musk, presented the development of a system that allows computers to connect directly to the human brain with a chip that is placed directly in the cerebral cortex.

The coin-sized device will be implanted in the skull and will grant greater mental power to its users.

During the trials, a pig named Gertrude was tested for two months to control its snout. The animal, which had a chip implanted that transferred data directly to a computer demonstrated that it works.

This chip, dubbed Link V0.9 and approximately 8 millimeters in diameter, was presented as a "Fitbit in the skull with small cables ."

This device can wear behind the ears, and three cables will connect to the head's top. Its power will be through a rechargeable battery of one day of autonomy. A magnetic induction charger is using to charge the device.

Through a small probe that contains about 3,000 electrodes connected to flexible wires, thinner than a human hair, the initiative will allow the activity of 1,000 neurons of the user to analyze in real-time.

Its implantation will require a robot, built by the company itself, which will perform a graft in a surgery that will last less than an hour.

The billionaire plans to create a medical device to study brain-related diseases like Alzheimer's or even allow patients with neurological disorders to control electronic devices like a mobile phone directly with their thoughts.

" A device that implants can solve these problems, "said Musk in the virtual presentation. He assured that he could correct ailments such as memory loss, hearing loss, depression, or even insomnia.

The chip could also improve understanding of neurological diseases by "reading" brain waves.

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