Samsung recently introduced the new Galaxy S20 series, along with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, its new folding shell phone that we have already tested.

When Samsung looked at the iPhone to improve its Galaxy series?
When Samsung looked at the iPhone to improve its Galaxy series?

It has been discovered thanks to a document, which is echoed from eradicating, in which the South Korean company pointed out 126 things that Apple did better. The rivalry between Apple and Samsung has been active for approximately ten years, and today they are the most prominent manufacturers in the industry.

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Currently, the two companies manufacture even devices, both in design and at the operating system level, but this was not the same ten years ago.

The Android customization layer was not up to par, so Samsung produced a document pointing out the 126 things that Apple did better with iOS, specifically the iOS 4 version at the time. The report was a list of things he did best operating system bitten apple and at that time made the difference.

For example, the document mentions the landscape mode, since several Apple applications changed when the iPhone was turned to a landscape mode, something that Samsung devices did not allow.

Reference is also made to duplicate icons since Android could have duplicate images on the home screen, something that does not happen on Apple's smartphone and could be a problem.

The list also points to the copy and paste function by pressing and holding the screen, something that was not available at the time in Samsung terminals.

It is also mentioned the facility to save a contact phone number, to which the icon of the iPhone calendar changes every day showing the current date. Go back up on a website or iTunes since Samsung did not have a Computer program with which to manage everything.

In total, there are 126 things that Samsung stood out from Apple, and that I wanted to imitate over time. After ten years, some of these features have landed on the smartphones of the South Korean firm, and others remain similar to those already existing ten years ago.

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