This exercise is not the most conducive for a Huawei that continues to explore ways to grow away from Google, even though at this time, there are no vetoes by the Trump government.

Huawei plummets its prices this week, and see what offers.
Huawei plummets its prices this week, and see what offers.

And is that the directors told us of the Chinese firm during the presentation of the Huawei Mate 30 and its "Android without Google", there is no turning back, and Huawei will not use Google services anymore.

In any case, the Chinese giant will continue betting on Android as a software base for its devices. Harmony is not yet ready, and after announcing a rain of millions to help developers adapt to App Gallery and Huawei Mobile Services. With Android 11 on the horizon and Huawei Search already on the way.

And already put to work, the people of Huawei have decided that the fastest way to recover lost ground is to bet on the best prices for their new devices, with huge discounts for new ones such as the Huawei P40 Lite and some of its most essential wearables.

The latest smartphone from the Huawei factory with the permission of the expensive Mate Xs folding, which is now waiting for its top brothers on March 26 with an irresistible launch offer and solvent benefits for the best mid-range.

Everything that can be uploaded in capacities and hardware goes up and bets on a quad-camera for 299 euros more than attractive, especially if we take into account that they give us some Freebuds 3 with a valuation of 179 euros.

Of course, they come without Google Play Services pre-installed at the factory and without Google Play certification, so we will have to use the Huawei Mobile Services and adapt if we want one of these P40 Lite with the gift of the Freebuds.

Huawei's first smartwatch with its proprietary operating system is also on the go, with a price of 99 euros almost irresistible for a model with a classic design and 1.39-inch AMOLED display with _always-on-display.

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