Only a few hours ago, we echoed the official list of search service providers that had won the auction carried out by Google after being fined by the European Union.

Three search engines that you can choose instead of Google in Spain and Europe.
Three search engines that you can choose instead of Google in Spain and Europe.

Thus, we met the three search engines that, as of March, the Device users can choose instead of Google, which is no longer the default search engine - in Europe - of the most used mobile operating system on the planet.

But how are these three alternative search engines? Since most of us are used to using Google as a default search engine for years, likely, we have not stopped to see what these three alternatives can offer us. And precisely because of that, today we wanted to review them one by one.

The first, and I'm afraid that the best known of the three search service providers announced by Google, is DuckDuckGo.

At the time, we already thoroughly analyze the browser based on the technology of this search engine, which stands out from the rest because it is mainly focused on preserving the privacy of users by blocking trackers.

Keeping the search history private, and giving the user control Total about your data.

The search engine interface is similar to that of Google and among other things.

It offers the possibility to search for images, videos, news, maps, or web pages, in addition to having a customizable experience with options such as a dark mode, the opportunity to change the source or opening links in new tabs.

It also offers exclusive features such as! Bang shortcuts, which allow you to speed up searches through custom shortcuts or the ability to store search settings in the cloud so you can access them from any device.

According to its creators, before the end of the year 2019, DuckDuckGo already received about 50 million search requests per day on average.

The second of the options that will be proposed from next March will be Qwant.

This search engine, which we also analyze thoroughly in its day, was created by a French company based on the premise of not tracking users, and therefore not offering personalized results.

Currently, it is already in position 41 of the list of most visited websites in France, and in 879 of the list of most visited pages in the world. According to the latest data, Qwant has 50 million monthly active users.

In addition to the search engine itself, Qwant also offers services such as Qwant Maps, an open-source map service based on the OpenStreetMap platform.

The third of the search engines that Google will allow Android users to choose in Spain is Its launch takes us to October 2004, the year in which its creators managed to raise funding worth 8 million dollars.

Currently, the search engine is based on results obtained from other platforms and directories such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, or Yandex, among others.

Today, it is a search engine somewhat less used than the previous two, with about 13.5 million monthly visitors.

As with the previous ones, the operation of this search engine is effortless and offers the possibility to search for images, videos, and news.

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