2019 was a great year for Call of Duty: Mobile, as the title for mobile devices, was crowned as one of the most successful releases of the course.

The third season comes to Call of Duty: Mobile, these are all the news that incorporates.
The third season comes to Call of Duty: Mobile, these are all the news that incorporates.

He even managed to win the award for the best mobile title for Android users.

In these twelve months, Call of Duty: Mobile wants to continue incorporating news with which to keep its large mass of players, and now comes its third season with a lot of new features.

If we recently offered you what we expected from this third season.

Now Call of Duty: Mobile has confirmed, in the official Reddit channel of the game.

That season 3 of the shooter is available and that it will be implemented in all regions.

Also, to Advertise all your news. To update the game, you have to go to the game page on Google Play on Android and the Apple App Store.

First, the third season of Call of Duty: Mobile incorporates the possibility of linking the game account with Google Play and Apple Gamecenter.

An option that will be available to all players, both for those with pre-existing accounts and for new players, which is a new way to save data if you change your smartphone.

It has also been announced that the season 3 battle pass will allow the acquisition of Phantom and FTL from Infinite Warfare, along with a variety of similar futuristic weapons.

This time the length is shortened to 50 levels instead of 100. But with the same amount of equipment and loot to win at that time.

In multiplayer mode, two new maps and a unique limited-time style are incorporated. On the one hand is Scrapyard, a classic recreation of the Modern Warfare 2 map, which is now available to all players.

On the other Cage, a new plan that will come to the game later and that has a deceptively basic design of three vertical lanes, open lanes for snipers, and a combination of options for nearby and mid-range rooms.

In turn, in the new limited-time mode, titled Rapid Fire, players will have unlimited ammo, faster scoring runs, and shorter operator reuse skills.

Battle Royale mode has also received some updates, such as a new class skill, some changes, and a further 20 vs. 20 styles called Warfare! , which will be available during the arrival of season 3.

A fast-paced multiplayer-style action game mode in which two teams face and in which there are endless comebacks. The first team to reach 150 deaths wins the game.

The third season of Call of Duty: Mobile will also incorporate a new season of qualifying mode, which is currently underway.

On this occasion, a unique mosaic of Classification mode is offered on the main page that will allow you to verify the statuses, see rewards, and all the necessary information.

Finally, a series of improvements in the gameplay of the title has also been made.

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