The audio firm Sonos demands from Google and asks that the sales of mobile phones, speakers, and computers of the brand be suspended.

Sonos asks that Google device sales disable in the United States.
Sonos asks that Google device sales disable in the United States.

Known for building some of the smart speakers with the best audio quality on the market, Sonos has become, in recent years, one of the leading firms in this sector, thanks mainly to its Sonos One series models, equipped with Google Assistant. Now, Sonos has decided to sue Google.

As they point out in The New York Times, the audio company has presented not one, but two different lawsuits that cover five patents on the design of its wireless speakers.

Google is accused of having stolen technology to which the company led by Sundar Pichai had access in 2013 through an agreement with Sonos, which would allow its speakers to support the Google Play Music service.

The document specifies that Google would have used this patented and - supposedly - stolen technology to develop its Chromecast Audio device - now disappeared. The lawsuit refers to a "multi-room" audio technology, which used in several Google gadgets, including Google Home speakers and Pixel series devices.

In addition to the two demand documents, Sonos has also requested through the International Trade Commission that sales of all Google devices that could have taken advantage of this stolen technology be prohibited. These would include Pixel phones and Pixelbook computers, as well as Google Home and Nest smart speakers and Chromecasts.

Sonos also notes that Google had been notified of the violations repeatedly, and the similarity document details the similarities between the functions of Google's audio systems and those of Sonos.

The audio firm says Google tried to sabotage its attempt to offer several voice assistants simultaneously on their devices.

Given that Google threatened the firm with "removing its assistant from the brand's speakers if it ever appears next to a competitor important" like Amazon Alexa.

And speaking of Amazon, Sonos herself says that Jeff Bezos's company has also committed various infractions by violating its patents in the development of Echo devices. However, the firm has decided not to file a lawsuit even though it is not prepared to compete in front of two giants of such caliber at the same time.

For now, neither Amazon nor Google has spoken about it. We will update this article with any information about it.

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