Aisha Wellinger robots and artificial intelligence are not an emerging discipline. Filmmakers, novels, and documentaries are the same. They will do everything possible to examine this topic from all angles.

Robotics and artificial intelligence are not an emerging discipline.
Robotics and artificial intelligence are not an emerging discipline.

Therefore, artificial intelligence (AI) that was recently exhibited at the Trieste Science Fiction Festival may not be as original or even the best as we think. However, it is still very, very attractive. Attention.

 It was equally frightening to open everything while at the dentists. This unfortunate AI was downgraded to the patient's seat.

Willinger visited the lab and the average family and showed many different robots - some are still under development; some are taking the first step or are already waiting to be "adopted." It must be said that these robots were created to meet very different needs: starting with a "girlfriend experience," like a lonely person called Chuck and his blonde companion Harmony, this is an answer to all motivational motivations. The position on the note left him to a white guy brought home by a Japanese family, like some stray puppies. Their very pragmatic female parents said: "You are here to avoid old age."

They know very well that once everyone else leaves, "Pepper" will be the only one who keeps her company. It's a bit like Frank Langella's robot Robot & Frank. Even though Pepper's dialogue skills are organized around for some reason, it's improved.

Curious about getting more information from creators and early adopters, Willinger excitedly documented these strange communication attempts, regularly appear clumsy, dictionary-like, and easily seen as an in-depth emotional communication. All of this ended up culminating in the "Take My Breath Away" of the Berlin recital in Berlin.

Such moments, more than any technical breakthrough, will eventually tell more about the people who accept them (or our general sense of loneliness), but it's fun. Still, it's terrible – just like letting the robot suddenly ask Can people dream, in some way echo the title of this famous Philip K Dick novel and prove that we live in a strange world. And it seems to be more and more curious.

"The existence of artificial intelligence that counters human intelligence raises thorny moral issues," one of the facts said to its owners. "Thank you for sharing this," the unresponsive response, for all her time-consuming research, Willinger seemed to have nodded, realizing that there might be no answer at all.

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