The arrival in the market of Google Stadia has not been calm. Complaints about alleged performance failures or a catalog with only 22 titles that many have found insufficient are the chief complaints to a service that we remember. It only has a week of life.

Free December games announced for Stadia Pro.
Free December games announced for Stadia Pro.

The fact of having to pay a subscription of 9.99 euros per month to enjoy the platform is also something that many have not liked. Regardless of the discounts and free games that all users receive, because we remember, there is still no open Stadia option.

Because yes, in case of paying for the Stadia Pro subscription, Google will offer all subscribers up to two free games per month, titles that, by the way, and as it happens on other platforms, will no longer be available at the time we leave to pay.

At the time of its premiere, Stadia offered the Destiny 2 and the Samurai Shadows for free. Now and just one week later, they have just announced free video games for December. Which will be?

These are the two new “free” games that you can get if you pay Stadia Pro.

It is the Farming Simulator 19 and the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. The first valued at 39.99 euros fulfills the dream of all those who have grown up in a town, take a tractor and learn to harvest.

The second, valued at 10 euros, is the reboot of the saga released in 2013 in which we will control a young Lara Croft who must survive on a mysterious and dangerous island.

Interestingly, the Tomb Raider was among the 22 available startup games for Stadia.

What does this mean? That if a user has bought it, he will be hitting his head against the wall because on December 1, he could be playing it without paying.

Of course, if in the future I stopped paying for Stadia Pro, you will be sure that you can play whenever you want with Lara and unravel the mysteries of the island of Yamatai.

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