Some are probably overdosed Cybertruck, a week after its unveiling, but here are three more details.

Few Details about the Cybertruck.
Few Details about the Cybertruck.

That's a lot of information, you say, for a pickup that does not exist, promised by a guy who already has three other models supposed to be in the making (the Semi truck, the Roadster2, and the Model Y).

But the Cybertruck and Elon Musk are an ideal topic of conversation to discuss Saturday night urgently if you receive a visit and bad-high starts talking about religion or politics at the table.


Cybertruck's "pre-orders" reached 250,000 on Tuesday, Elon Musk noted on his Twitter account.

We put "pre-orders" in quotation marks because this smoky neologism does not describe a real command. A $ 100 refundable at any time is $ 900 less than for the Model 3 and is a kind of deposit to put his name on a list, in short, a reservation without commitment.

That does not detract from the fact that a quarter of a million consumers fired 100 cartridges each at Elon Musk on a prototype, giving some analysts an air of wonder if such a vehicle would sell.

That's 25 million more to Tesla, to accelerate the development and production of its angular pickup 4x4 electric, promised for the end 2021. It is assumed that this figure is accurate, even if it is not verified independently.

According to Musk, 150,000 had been reserved Saturday, 200,000, Sunday, and 250,000 on Tuesday, and Musk is expected to proclaim from one minute to the next that he has returned to 300,000, and possibly a half a million when you serve the aperitif Saturday night.


After the presentation of the Cybertruck a week ago, pictorial descriptions abound in the automotive press, and one of the best was in a title of Autoweek: CYBERTRUCK TESLA: A TRUE TRUCK UNDER HIS BODY OF DYSTOPIC CAUCHEMAR

We regret not thinking about it ourselves.


All kinds of photomontages involving the Cybertruck circulate on the web, and we thank a faithful reader from Quebec for this shipment, which, however, does not do justice to the mechanics under the bodywork.

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